Monochrome moods in Yorkshire

I have had a week without any walks but it has given me the opportunity to catch up on my photography and review some of my images of walks in the Yorkshire Dales.

I have converted the images to Monochrome which reminded me of the many happy hours I spent in the darkroom back in the 80’s.

B. Cairn on Twistleton Scar


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Success down under

I am ‘made up’ as they say in Liverpool, by that I mean really pleased.

My image ,Lake Wanaka. was chosen by Leanne Cole, an Australian Fine Art photographer, for use in her blog, under her weekly section Monochrome Madness.

Lake Wanaka. crosbyman66

                                                      Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

I go up very early in the morning to take this picture. Something like 5.30 am local time. I could not sleep as my body had not adjusted to the change in time zone.

I liked the reflection in the water and the mist hanging over the valleys. When I went back to the same spot a few hours later after breakfast the conditions had changed. The wind had got up and the reflections had disappeared as had the mist.

Some times it pays not to have a lie- in.

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Monochrome Moods in the Lake District.

A recent lecture on Monochrome photography at my local camera club got me thinking.

I have looked again at some of my images taken in the Lake District and converted them to mono.

I think the absence of colour enhances the mood.

The Rigg, Haweswater

                                                   The Rigg at Haweswater

Sunlight and shadows on Silver How

                                       Sunlight and Shadows on Silver How.

                                                        Cairn on Dove Crag

                                                     It’s downhill all the way.

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In the shadow of Pendle Hill.

B 746

My walk this weekend started from the beautiful hamlet of Worston in the shadow of Pendle Hill.

As we left the village we saw some unusual sheep by the roadside.

B 742

Our route took us along field paths and tracks towards Lane Side and then NW past Little Mearley Hall on to Angram Green. Conditions were perfect with blue sky and just a few clouds although it was wet underfoot.

B 750

On many of the gates and stiles there were unusual indicator boards. The notches round the edge of the circle indicate the distance to the marked destination.

B 753B 753 2

B 748

At Angram Green there was the opportunity to join the permissive path along Burst Clough to the top of Pendle Hill, but that was not for us. We were out for a gentle stroll.

Visibility was superb and looking north we could make out the distinctive outline of Ingleborough and Great Whernside.

B 762

B 755

We had a quick bite to eat near Lane Head, it was too cold to stop for long, and then headed towards Downham.

B 760

The final section back to Worston was beautiful with the low sun casting long shadows.It drew out all the contours on Pendle Hill.

B 774

B 778

B 783


We got back to Worston just as the light was fading. Our car was parked at the Calf’s Head, a popular pub and restaurant. We will be coming here for our rambling club Christmas meal. We had to check it out. The wine list was impressive. I am already looking forward to a good night.

A steady 8 miles with 1300 ft of ascent.

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Photo Competition, Triptych.

This months competition at my local camera club is a set subject – Triptych.

Here are my efforts.

Ancient Olive Trees CCC

                                                        Ancient Olive Trees

Astronomical clock, Prague

                                                 Astronomical Clock, Prague

Door Panels, St Vitus's Cathedra CCCl

                                                              Door Panels

City scene

                                                           Cityscape, London

Painted Doors,Funchal, Madeora

                                                      Painted Doors, Funchal.

I wonder what sort of comments I will get from the judge.

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Lupton to Devil’s Bridge

01 b Lupton Beck

On Sunday I was out with Crosby Rambling Club when I joined the ‘B’ party on a linear walk from Lupton to Devil’s,Bridge. We got off the coach at the Plough Inn at Lupton and walked down a track to Lupton Beck. We now had to cross several fields which were very muddy. Visibility was perfect and we could look across the fields towards Lupton Tower.

32 b Fallen Tree

Our path led us to Badgers Gate. The old farmhouse had a sundial on the south facing wall. It was dated 1781 and was still showing the correct time !

06 Sundial

We now had several miles of field paths and a chance to stretch our legs, when we could lift them out of the mud.

07 Striding out09

We had gradually been gaining height and Ingleborough, one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks appeared on the horizon. Time for another photo. This time I thought it looked good in Monochrome framed by a tree.

25 b lone tree

After passing through the pretty hamlet of High Biggins we headed south to Whittington and then along a track towards the River Lune. At times the track resembled a stream.

20 b

19 b Tree and shadows

We reached the river and joined the Lune Valley Ramble Trail.

27 By the River Lune

I was looking for more photographic opportunities but the light was fading and the sun about to disappear behind a cloud.

31 Fallen tree

The walk along the riverside was straightforward although there was a lot of mud. Our party became quite strung out.

34 b

As we reached the A65 there was just enough light left for me to grab a shot of Devil’s Bridge.

37 b Devil's Bridge

We now had time to walk up into Kirkby Lonsdale for a well earned pint of Black Sheep. On the way I managed a final shot of the last of the sun’s rays rays catching the top of the fells.

39 b End of the day

The end of a good day.

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Round Barbon Fell

I was out this week in Cumbria with Les and Gordon to do a reccee for the next Crosby Rambling Club ‘A’ Party walk. Our destination was Kirkby Lonsdale and we parked at Devil’s Bridge, a popular spot with bikers, especially at the weekend.

88 Devil's Bridge

Devil’s bridge, which spans the River Lune was built by the Devil for an old woman who was having difficulty getting her cattle across the river. The devil agreed to build a bridge in exchange for the soul of the first person to cross it. But, the old woman threw a bun for her dog to chase across the bridge so the devil never got the human soul he was hoping for.

Well, that’s the story that I was told.

87 View from Devil's Bridge

                                              View from Devil’s Bridge.

We crossed the bridge and then followed footpaths and minor roads towards the village of Casterton and on towards Barbon. It was quite gloomy and very wet underfoot. Looking up we could see that Barbon Fell was shrouded in mist.

89 Murky conditions


Leaving Barbon we headed east along the beautiful wooded valley of Barbondale. It was very quiet and peaceful with Barkin Beck tumbling along below us.

93 Barbondale

94 Barkin Beck

All we needed was a bit of sunshine to brighten up the autumn colours but instead it started to rain. .

96 Towards Barbon Moor

97 Barkin Beck

We crossed the beck at Blindbeck Bridge, a new structure as the original bridge had been destroyed during storm Desmond in late 2015

It was now time to start climbing up the hillside. Only 500 feet of ascent but surprisingly difficult in the wet slippery conditions. We now began to contour round Barbon Low Fell but conditions were beginning to deteriorate. We were in the cloud and could not see a thing.

99 Into the mist

The way to the summit cairn was pathless and although it was only another 100 feet of ascent there seemed little point as there would be no view. We walked and slid our way back to Kirkby Lonsdale in what had been a tough but satisfying day.

Les had said that the walk was 11-ish miles. But Les always gives value for money. I call him Mr 110%. We ended up walking 13 miles.

My legs are tired.

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