Conwy, the ‘B’ party

021 Conwy Mountain

I’m back in Conwy with Crosby Rambling Club and have just done the ‘B’ party walk.

The first section of the walk followed the route taken by the ‘A’ party. walking alongside the estuary and the climbing Conwy mountain. Once again we saw some wild ponies but today the visibility was not good with grey skies and a strong wind.

027 Wild ponies

025 Nearly there

We carried on along the ridge before dropping down to the Sychnant Pass. Crossing the pass we entered some woodland and then followed the North Wales Path (NWP) over Maen Escob. The NWP is a long distance path running 60 miles from Bangor in the west to Prestatyn in the east. We were only going to do a couple of miles of it.

029 The North Wales Path

We now had a succession of field paths taking us down to Hafodty and Hendy. The route was a bit of a contradiction. A mixture of new stiles in excellent condition and gates that were tied up with rope. Not very walker friendly. We were glad of David and his map-reading skills.

The weather had not been too bad. We had battled against gale force winds but at least it had stayed dry. Then in the final two fields we encountered mud, lots of it, ankle deep. My boots are going to need some loving care and attention.

033 Lovely mud

Back in Conwy we called in at the George and Dragon for a pint of Draught Bass.

A perfect end to the day.


About crosbyman66

My aim is to create a photo diary of my walks and my travels. I have two main hobbies, walking and photography and these complement each other. I am a senior citizen, what used to be called an old age pensioner, but I don't feel old. Since retirement I have had more time to pursue my hobbies and the opportunity to travel more. My philosophy now is - Do what you can, while you can. My other interests are fine wines and keeping fit. These may not complement each other but keep me happy.
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3 Responses to Conwy, the ‘B’ party

  1. Marie says:

    Looks cold! What was the orange coloured vegetation growing along the side of the hill in the first photo?

  2. crosbyman66 says:

    It was very cold, especially in the wind. The orange vegetation is nothing exciting, just dried up
    bracken from last year.
    My next walk will probably be up in the Lake District, send me some of your Australian sunshine

  3. Malcolm Chester says:

    Hi Alan, Do you have an email address for Les? I am leading the Ingleton A walk and he offered to come on the Recce. Are you interested as well? I only work 3 days now so have Mondays & Fridays free. Probably do it early Feb. This looks interesting but just need to work out how to add an extra mile or so?? Might go up onto Twistleton Scars above the roman road. Humphrey Bottom sounds challenging, especially in snow.. Regards, Malcolm.

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