Crosby Rambling Club. The ‘B’ party walk at Hawes.

663 Magical light

I’m back in Yorkshire with my local rambling club After doing the reccee for the ‘A ‘party walk last week I decided to take it easy and do the ‘B’ walk. A steady 9 miles through classic Yorkshire Dales countryside in the lovely valley of Wensleydale.

We left the town and headed north though pastures towards the River Ure. Conditions were perfect with some marvellous lighting .

662 Starting out

We followed the river bank for a short while before out first gentle climb up to the hamlet of Sedbusk.

664 Towards Sedbusk

From Sedbusk we headed west through typical Dales scenery. Dry stone walls surrounding fields each with their old stone barn, tree and gated gap-stiles, some of them very narrow. On reaching the hotel at Simonstone we turned north to begin a short but steep climb up the hillside.

669 The steady climb

As we reached rougher ground we turned left to follow a clear track below some disused mine workings. To our left there were lovely views of the Wensleydale valley looking over towards Wether hill. Crossing a minor road we then followed a path alongside Hardraw Beck with its many little waterfalls.

683 Alongside Hardraw Beck685 Hardraw Beck

We crossed more fields and were lucky to see a young woman training her sheepdog. It was fantastic to watch the dog in action as it herded up the sheep.

701 Getting instructions695702690 Rounding up the flock

We emerged on to the road by the Green Dragon Pub behind which is Hardraw Force, the highest single drop waterfall in England. However it is on private land and a fee of £2.50 is charged to go and view it. We all declined. As we stood outside the pub trying to decide whether to invest our money in a pint of real ale I spotted a robin in a nearby tree. Using the zoom on my little compact to its maximum I managed to get a couple of images.

709 Robin - Copy703 Robin - Copy

We left Hardraw following the Pennine Way before turning west to cross more pastureland heading towards the village of Appersett. Crossing Widdale Beck and managing to keep our feet dry (just) it was then an easy stroll back to Hawes. It had been a marvellous day and we got back to Hawes just as the light was beginning to fade.


721 End of the day

Back in Hawes we had time for a drink. I popped into The Crown for a pint of Theakston’s Old Peculier. At 5.6% ABV it is a powerful brew. A blend of finest pale crystal and roasted barley with two bitter hops combined with ‘Fuggle’ hop to produce full bodied flavour.

For many years it was referred to as ‘Yorkshire Lunatic Broth’

It was superb. but at £3.85 a pint it needed to be.

I think I dozed off on the journey home.


About crosbyman66

My aim is to create a photo diary of my walks and my travels. I have two main hobbies, walking and photography and these complement each other. I am a senior citizen, what used to be called an old age pensioner, but I don't feel old. Since retirement I have had more time to pursue my hobbies and the opportunity to travel more. My philosophy now is - Do what you can, while you can. My other interests are fine wines and keeping fit. These may not complement each other but keep me happy.
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2 Responses to Crosby Rambling Club. The ‘B’ party walk at Hawes.

  1. Marie says:

    A wonderful days walking. The photos as usual are great, looks as though it might have been on the cool side. What a bonus to see the sheep dog training. You could have not had the ale and seen the waterfall…..than again maybe not!

  2. Tracey says:

    lovely set of photos

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