Always have a plan B

Our plan for today was to do the Cala Tuent walk but starting from Cala Tuent and walking back to Porto Soller. We had done this beautiful coastal walk many times before but mainly due to logistics we had always started from the Mirador ses Barques and caught the ferry back from Cala Tuent. This season, a new boat service has started, sailing between Porto Soller and Cala Tuent. This gave us the opportunity to do the walk in reverse.

A few enquiries informed us that the boat operated every day at 10.00 am and could carry up to 40 passengers.It cost 15 euros one way and was called ‘the yellow boat’ for obvious reasons. We were there early to book our seats.

731 The yellow boat729

As we set off all was peaceful but as soon as we left the shelter of the harbour conditions changed. There was quite a swell and as we crashed into each wave we were sprayed with water. My idea of taking lots of photos was soon abandoned and my camera quickly stowed away. As we passed the small island of S’Illeta conditions got worse. We hit one wave and the front end reared up and we were nearly airborne, only to crash back down into the trough of the wave in a shuddering thud. It was exciting but we were being tossed around. Some people were screaming. I think one was the captain. I had one eye on the life jackets stored above me in a net. After about 15 minutes the captain throttled back the engines and announced that we must turn back. “it is too dangerous. It is too wavy”

We were back on dry land at 11.15 am and were given a full refund. What to do now. It was a good job we had a Plan B

A walk to the far side of L’Ofre.

We parked the cars at the gates of Cuber Reservoir and followed the GR 221 around the right hand side of the reservoir. Conditions were totally different to the last time I was here in October 2013. The reservoir was then nearly empty, but today it was almost full and we could look across to the Sa Rateta ridge walk and L’Ofre, the pointy one, in the distance.

734 Plan B743 Across the causeway

739 Cuber Reservoir

We continued up to the Coll de L’Ofre with its huge cairn and iron cross. There were brilliant views of Puig Major and the surrounding mountains. It made the ideal spot to stop for lunch.

756 Coll de L'Ofre

We now took the broad track that circles round the base of L’Ofre. Our objective for today was not to climb the 1098m peak, we had done that many times before, but to walk to a hut on the other side of the mountain where we could look over the Orient Valley.

I made a short diversion to see the old telescope. It still instructs you to insert a 50 pesetas coin.

758 The old telescope

An easy stroll bought us to the hut where we could relax and enjoy the view to the south. The sugar loaf mountains, Puig d’Alaro 825m and S’Alcadena 813m were prominent on the skyline and we could trace our route in the Orient valley where we had walked a few days ago.

770 Admiring the view

On our way back we walked round the other side of the reservoir passing the Refuge de Cuber. I believe that this hut is now providing very basic accommodation to people waking the GR 221 since the refuge at Tossals Verds is closed for refurbishment.

Memories of the day.

The views looking south

Panorama looking south from L'Ofre

and the company.

761 Groupenphoto



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