Font Moli

21st November

We started todays walk from the recreation area in small hamlet of Font Moli and we enjoyed a pleasant stroll through the valleys to the north of the Sierra Aitana. We climbed steadily on a good track and although the day was overcast we had good views looking down on Guadalest.

01. Looking down on Guadalest

The village of Guadalest is apparently the third most visited tourist attraction in Spain. This is probably due to its close proximity to Benidorm and its inclusion in so many blanket trip tours.

As we climbed beneath some crags we came to a deep02. The nevera nevera and John explained its use.

The neveras are deep cylindrical pits used to make ice from snow. They were used in the 17th and 18th century before the days of refrigeration.

During the winter the pits were filled with snow and layered with straw so that the snow became compacted into ice. During the summer months the ice was cut into blocks and transported on mules down to the villages before sunrise.

This nevera was ideally situated on the northern slope in the shadow of the crags. Direct sunlight would never each this spot in the winter months.

As the slope eased we came to a cultivated area. A ruined casita had been restored and the area planted with cherry trees. Nowadays irrigation is provided by water being delivered via plastic tubing which could be seen snaking across the ground.

03. Cultivated fields

It was becoming increasingly cloudy with mist roiling over the Sierra de Aitana so we only caught occasional glimpses of the radar installations on the summit. Some of us decided to climb up onto the ridge of the Sierra de Aitana in the hope of getting a good view and we were fortunate. We managed to scramble up to a rocky summit and were rewarded with good views looking down towards Guadalest which was still bathed in sunlight.

06 Summit ridge

07. Viewpoint

We paused by an abandoned farmhouse for lunch and nearby was a tree displaying its full autumn colours, quite a rare sight in this part of Spain. A steady descent through the high valleys led us back to our transport at the font and picnic area at Font Moli.

08. Picnic spot

We finished off the day by driving to Polop where we had time for coffee and a chance to see the famous fountains in the square. There are 221 spouts and the fountains are decorated in tiles representing the shields of all the administrative areas of Alicante.

0910 Polop

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