I went out with my local rambling club, Crosby CHA, when we visited Ulverston.

Kirkby Moor.jpg2

I joined Bob McConnell on the “A” party. Bob is notorious for going ahead of the leader. On one occasion in Mallorca last year he was shown a “yellow card” by Barbara, the German guide for going too far in front and forcing the pace. How would he get on today when he was leader? He was a different person. Caring and considerate, not words usually associated with Bob. He even checked to see if we were all keeping up and asked if we wanted to stop for a drink. All those management training courses in the 70’s paid off. Well done Bob.

What about the walk. It was excellent. We started off along the Cumbria Way which we followed for a short distance before climbing up to Kirkby Moor. Here we walked on paths between the wind turbines. I had not realised how much noise they made, Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Conditions were perfect with good visibility. We could look out across Morecambe Bay whilst to the north we could see Coniston and the surrounding fells. It was interesting to try and identify them when viewed from this angle. After lunch at the trig point we descended across fields and passed through a couple of tiny villages before reaching the John Barrow monument. This monument was built in 1850 and stands proudly on Hoad Hill (436 ft) The monument was constructed in the style of a former Eddystone lighthouse to celebrate Sir John Barrow’s illustrious career as the Second Secretary to the Admiralty.We met up with the “B” party and some of the group climbed to the top, of the monument. Later we all walked together down the steep path that led us back into Ulverston.

We had plenty of time for a drink and what could be more appropriate than a pint of Hartley’s Cumbria Way Ale. ABV 4.1%. A full bodied bitter with superb mouth feel of rich malt and hops complemented by complex aromas of spicy hop and tart fruit. A long dry finish with citrus fruit notes.


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